MaximeCabioch-Prigentis a partner consultant ofVictory Capital §Advisory.

Maxime Cabioch-Prigent studied at the National Conservatory of Arts and Trades. After an accounting and management diploma and then a higher diploma in accounting,he began his career in 2009 in an expertise firm at Fromantin §Associés.

Then, he was in charge of the trade finance operations between Europe, MENA and the french speakingAfrica in a SMS company specializing in petrochemicals. In this company he set up islamic funding.

After business studies, he specialized in Islamic finance (Executive MBA and graduated from the Faculty of Law, Management and political science at the University of Strasbourg in France) Maxime Cabioch-Prigent continued his banking career at the Arab and French Banks Union (UBAF), an investment bank where he held the position of auditor. He finally joined the Edmond de Rothschild bank in Paris as a project manager where he developed new management tools and set up the american law control system FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act) which aims to fight against tax evasion schemes involving foreign accounts or entities held by American taxpayers within the private bank.

Maxime is also a speaker throughout the year for associations, local elected officials and universities.