Sihame ARBIB studied at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris where she specialized in international relations. She later joined the French Ministry of Defense as a project manager to the Minister of Defense in the Department of Information and CommunicationDefense (DICD). Willing to pass on her knowledge to her country of origin, Morocco, she joins in Rabat, the Cabinet of Minister of the foreign affairs in charge of Moroccan residents abroad.
Associated with a confirmed lobbyist, she created Victory Capital, a consulting firm in public relations and strategic advice to European institutions and focused on countries in the Middle East, North Africa, MENA zone.
MENA expert for the European Commission, she became a political consultant to WHO and to Philippe DOUSTE-BLAZY, the Deputy Secretary General at the United Nations. Its in-depth expertise in strategic communication and its international network gave her the opportuniy to join the Club of Rome; a prestigious club in which sit permanent members of the European Council, heads of state and big business owners.